Jeremy Kyle stuck on a deserted island going crazy doing his show with coconuts.As requested by Ребенка Аллан


Jeremy Kyle stuck on a deserted island going crazy doing his show with coconuts.

As requested by Ребенка Аллан


Sincerely hope they get the hint.


Sincerely hope they get the hint.

U2 is fuckin shite other than like two songs. pleasse tag this post. thank you

Two songs is being generous…

Grails - Deep Politics
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Grails | Deep Politics

I just listened to this album for the first time this morning and damn it’s great. I’ve had Redlight for a few years and while it’s good it never really struck me, so I guess I never bothered checking out any of their other stuff. This album has convinced me though.

you are entitled to not like u2 just as much as anyone. but plenty of people enjoy u2 and don't need your negativity. stop tagging your hate.

Plenty of people don’t enjoy U2 and don’t want their music forced into their music libraries. No-one had a choice. It just happened. I actually have the iTunes store deactivated and it still wormed it’s way into my library without me agreeing or even knowing.

Would you be okay with someone you really really dislike just appearing in your music player without your permission? I’m guessing you wouldn’t…

Also, it’s pretty funny that anyone is bothered enough about my opinion to write me a message about it. What’s that even supposed to achieve?

Faith No More - Zombie Eaters
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Zombie Eaters by Faith No More, off their 1989 album The Real Thing.

Patton sure did write some weird lyrics. I mean in a good, interesting way.


Kitty vs bananas


Kitty vs bananas

Mudhoney - Let's Drop In
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Mudhoney - Let’s Drop In

Been listening to this album a bunch lately. I forgot how good it is.

Bong are playing in London a few days before Lee Ranaldo. I guess I’m just gonna have to stay in London that week. I only knew about the Bong show because of a flier I was given after SC3, so that was handy. It’s just about the only time I’ve been glad to receive a flier - I’ve wanted to go see them for a while, but they very rarely seem to leave Newcastle…
And I’m gonna go see Thurston Moore band in November. Feelin pretty good about all that. Probably not gonna go see White Hills next week after all though.

Secret Chiefs 3 residency @ Corsica Studios 9-11th Sep

Lengthy post, but it was three nights and five sets… So Corsica Studios is a pretty great venue… Very small, with a nice high stage (about nipple-height if you’re short or have low nipples or whatever). Good for leaning on. The sound was good, even right at the front which is usually where it suffers the most…

9th - FORMS + Ishraqiyun
Got into the venue and secured a place at the front, fairly central. There was an office chair on the stage and it looked really ominous. Like mastermind or some shit. When the band came on poor ol’ Trey hobbled over to the stage with his crutches and lifted himself onto the stage before shuffling along on his arse to get to the chair and then heavily slumping into it. This is because his foot was broken - no jumping around this time, just the chair. They kicked off with the FORMS set, though it was kinda weird because they played a few tracks from the Traditionalists’ Le Mani album and one or two from Book M, which I wouldn’t have thought of as FORMS tunes. Well it was cool anyway. I dunno what one of the tracks was - one of the many things they play live but haven’t released, but it was really good - like cool classical vibes before thrashing out on some rad guitar metal shit. That was a highlight for sure. I’ll find out what it was. They did Danse Macabre and Radar and Stars And Stripes Forever too. I’m not a huge fan of Radar, but it’s fucking killer live. Good set, but it was weird and felt a little fragmented to me. They played for about 50 mins before taking a break, after which they came back as ISHRAQIYUN, which is pretty much my fav satellite band and the set I was most looking forward to… I think they played The 4, The 3, The 7, The 15, Balance of The 19, Fast, Brazen Serpent, Bereshith, Saptarshi and Tistrya. Probably. There might have been one or two of those they didn’t play, but I think they played all them. They definitely played Fast which was amazing as ever (one of my all time favs - I am still craving a proper studio recording of it though), and the stuff I’m less keen on absolutely ripped live - like Balance of the 19, Tistrya and Brazen Serpent… I think that had a lot to do with the drummer (Kenny Grohowski). He is rad - got some super wicked heavy metal jazz vibes. They played as Ishraqiyun for about 1 hour ten mins I think, so the whole night was about 2 hours…
It was a great night, only slightly marred by the smell from Trey’s mummified foot. I’m not joking. Fucking Ishraqiyun though. Man that was good.

10th - UR + Xaphan
Decided to stand slightly off centre on the other side so as to avoid the smell of Trey’s foot. So slightly over Timba’s side of the stage. Timba is a legend. They kicked off this night with the UR set and there was a few oddities in that like surf versions of Hurqalya and that surf medley of stuff from Le Mani, which really rips (I hope that comes out on a 7” or something some day). Usual suspects like Drive, The Exile, Labyrinth of Light, Halloween etc. Some stuff I wasn’t familiar with because they’ve never released it like Castles of Sand and I think there was another one I didn’t recognise. All good shit though. The Exile almost never fails to give me goosebumps when they play it - like even just the bit where Timba gets his trumpet out you know what’s going down. That’s what they closed the first set with. Onto the next set and they came on to perform John Zorn’s Xaphan, which I kinda wasn’t so bothered about, because as much as I love both the Chiefs and Zorn, that album just doesn’t do much for me - I think it’s more to do with the production and recording. It was fucking electric live. The whole energy and slightly unhinged jazzy rock thing… All the solos and shit. It was just really energetic and exciting. The keyboard player (I’m not sure of his name, but pretty sure it’s the same guy who was on the 2012 tour) was on fire. They all were really, but his solos were just great. They kind of made it sound a lot more ‘Zorn’ if y’know what I mean… So that whole set, which was possibly the one I was least excited for, was really fucking great. They played pretty much all of the album I guess, and yeah, just took it to another level really. Weirdly after the Xaphan set they played Tistrya as an encore (they didn’t leave the stage cuz of Trey’s foot), which they’d played the night before. Both sets were about an hour each…

11th - Just a normal ol’ SC3 show
Stood in the same place as the night before. Right before the show one of the guys in the queue came up to me and started chatting - it was the dude who I’d been talking to down at the front of the Melvins residency shows! Cool! This night was advertised as having some special guests but Trey broke that promise by not having any guests - special or otherwise. Tonight was mostly stuff they’d played over the past two nights, which was kind of a bummer, but also not, because they just seemed to be on even finer form than usual - the sound was better, just everything was better. It was like a consolidation of all the amazing moments from the past two days, and it really came together as the best night for me. Nice mix of stuff, and it just seemed a little more intense than before. It was pretty intense to begin with so yeah… I can’t be fucked to go over what they played, but it was about two hours long and very very good. They started with The Exile and ended with a blistering version of Brazen Serpent, which was fucking brutal. BRUTAL. I’m pretty sure there were only two tracks they played that they hadn’t played the other nights - Knights Of Damcar and Ship Of Fools.

The whole band were pretty fucking tight over the whole thing. I mean the musicianship is pretty astonishing… They had over four hours of complex music totally memorised with improvisations and shit also going on - like without even looking at each other they just all knew when to come in on certain parts and when solos were done even where it wouldn’t seem at all obvious. And the song structures are pretty fucking weird to boot. That is made even more impressive by the fact that they have an ever changing lineup. It blows my mind to think how brilliant and disciplined they are as musicians… I was pretty much in awe of Trey’s guitar playing the whole time too… He can really shred… Even with microtonal shit.
Every time I’ve seen Secret Chiefs it kind of pains me how many amazing tracks they have which just have not been released, because I think some of their best material is stuff they’ve been playing for ages. I’m hoping that Ishraqiyun album is really close. I have a feeling it is. WE’LL SEE. Fuck knows what’s going on with Folio B anyway…
Oh, I picked up the new 7”s which saved me about half the cost of what it would have cost to post the fuckers, so that was pretty nice.
And… THE WHOLE THING WAS FILMED. Yeah. All three nights, every set, with about 4 cameras, so I can’t wait to see what happens with that…

You know people most likely don't go to the u2 tag to read hate so maybe you could tag your stupid opinions under "u2 hate" instead? People who go to the u2 tag are probably u2 fans. Thank you.

You know most people most likely don’t want to hear U2 at all, so maybe they should stop making music and stop having it played on the radio, in shops, on adverts and forcefeeding it to people by any other means. Most people who exist are probably not U2 fans.

Bill Callahan - Eid Ma Clack Shaw.
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Eid Ma Clack Shaw - Bill Callahan

Last week at work someone said the following to me, with regards to working:
"You know the band U2, yeah? Well it’s like Bono said ‘don’t let the bastards grind you down’"

Well I fucking hate U2… Bono is pretty much one of the bastards who grinds me down. He’s a total shitfarmer. In terms of the most irritating smug dickhead singers he is pretty much only beaten by Morrissey.
Apparently U2 have spammed everyone with an iTunes account or iPhone or whatever by sending them their new album whether they want it or not. Cool. Nothing says artistic integrity like sending your music to people who have no interest in it like it’s junk mail, right? RIGHT?!

I really hate U2. Every single thing they’ve done. Every era of the band. Bono’s voice is fucking terrible and he really is a shit. I don’t think they get enough shit for being so terrible. Coldplay seem to get all the flak for being a boring ‘rock’ band, but U2 are pretty much THE ORIGINAL middle-of-the-road radio-friendly shitrockers. They are insipid.

Gotta say tonight was definitely the best night of the Secret Chiefs Residency. Will probably try to write a full report of all three nights tomorrow or something.