Okay… So… Melvins at Electric Brixton. Full report. Both shows.
I didn’t exactly take many photos, but there’s are a couple up there.

Day 1 - Lysol, Egg Nog & Houdini
Got in to the venue about half 7. Normally get to shows for doors to get a good spot, but the last couple of times I saw the Melvins they didn’t come on until rather late (one time they didn’t even have a support band and didn’t come on until at least half 9 so I was standing around for AGES and it was really fucking boring and tiresome)… I guessed they’d be on at half 8 or something. Alas no, they were on at 8. Pretty early start. I was pretty much in front of Dale for this night, behind one guy.
They came on and started off with Charmicarmicat, which was slow and heavy as fuck. It was kind of hypnotic in a really slow dirgy way. That was really great, and then from that into Hung Bunny and Roman Dog Bird, which totally killed. Those three songs were like half an hour in total and a definite highlight for me! After that I think they rattled through all of the shorter Egg Nog tracks. I’m not a huge Egg Nog fan, but they were pretty good. Then With Teeth… Then Second Coming and Ballad Of Dwight Fry, which was fucking great. They closed the first set with Sacrifice.
After a quick break they came back to do Houdini. Judging by how much more active it got down the front I think a lot of people were definitely more familiar with Houdini. At some point I ended up on the barrier. I can’t even remember what order they played stuff and I’m not even going to try to remember… The highlights for me were pretty much my favourites from the album - Hag Me, Joan Of Arc, Honey Bucket, Copache. All great songs, and really great to hear them live! Oh, Spread Eagle Beagle was a revelation. I mentioned this before, but Jared was doing some singing over Dale and Coady’s drumming and I really don’t know what it was - if he was just improvising or whatever but it sounded fucking great. Then he walked over to where I was, put his hand on the barrier and climbed into the audience, right next to me… Still singing. He pretty much got mugged… He’d taped some water bottles to his head and some cardboard armour round himself and people were just pulling it off him! He managed to get back on stage (looking a disheveled) and Dale and Coady finished up with a bit more drumming. I don’t even like Spead Eagle Beagle, so it was so cool to see them play such a weird and awesome version.

Day 2 - Bullhead & Stoner Witch
Arrived a bit earlier and got a spot on the barrier in front of Coady this time. Slightly over to the side where Buzz was. Spent a fair bit of time chatting to the bloke next to me, who was a really nice guy. The band came on a bit later… Maybe 20 past 8 or something. I can rarely remember the titles of any of the tracks on Bullhead, let alone thinking about what order they played them in… I know they played Boris last, and that was great. If I had an Exorcism was fantastic too. And Zodiac. I was pretty disappointed they didn’t play Euthanasia - I know it’s not on Bullhead, but I’m pretty sure they were playing it at the US residency shows… I love that song.
A quick break and they were back for Stoner Witch. They started with a really really drawn out version of Lividity. There was several minutes where it was just Dale and Coady on stage playing their hi-hats with feet. Really slowly. Then Jared came on did a quick lap of the stage and started waving his cardboard tube sword around before picking up his bass and getting it going. Yeah, he had a cardboard sword and shield to go with his cardboard armour on this night. It went on a bit but it was really fucking good when they got into it. I can’t remember the order of anything else. At some point before At The Stake a crowdsurfer kicked the right lens out of my glasses so I couldn’t see, but that song totally RULED. Somehow (and I’m still not quite sure how I managed this) but I was able to find my glasses lens on the floor and screw it back in with my nail during the set. I’m amazed I actually found it so quickly and no one had stood on it or crushed me when I went to pick it up! Revolve and Roadbull were both excellent… The whole set was really. I enjoyed Stoner Witch a whole lot. I think it may have been my favourite from the two nights… I mean, I came back with a real urge to listen to it straight after the gig, which has to be a good sign, right?! Oh the whole thing ended with a wicked drum solo rhythm sort of thing while Jared climbed into the audience again. This time with his sword and shield…

So yeah, I’ve got to say this was definitely the best time I’ve seen these guys. It really is a totally different show with two drummers. I spent most of the first night just transfixed… Partly due to where I was standing I guess. The sound was fucking great, even at the front where I was. There was no interesting merch - just t-shirts. Amazing shows though.

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