White Hills collection (as of 17th August 2013)…

1. LPs & 12”s
Heads On Fire LP (red vinyl), White Hills, Stolen Stars Left For No One 12”, Gnod Drop Out With White Hills 2LP, H-p1 2LP (yellow vinyl), Live At Roadburn 2011 LP, Frying On This Rock LP (pink/white split vinyl), White Hills / Farflung Split LP (red/white split vinyl), Abstractions & Mutations LP (gold vinyl), So You Are… So You’ll Be LP, Timeless Tracks For Aural Pleasure 12”

2. CDs, Cassette & 7”s
Heads On Fire, White Hills, H-p1, The Process (green cassette), Oddity II: Night Scene On Mill Mountain (tour edition), Oddity II: Night Scene On Mill Mountain, Live At Roadburn 2011, Frying On This Rock, Der Butharsch / White Hills Split 7”, Measured Energy 7” (purple vinyl)

I’m pretty pleased with the stuff I have - that’s probably the majority of their main vinyl releases, though by no means all of them… Missing a lot of hyper-limited CDrs too, but there’s only about 50 copies of a lot of them so I’ll probably never have them. I really want Glitter Glamour Atrocity, but I’m hoping that gets a reissue like Abstractions did.
The silver LP and the orange CD are both the self titled album, but they pulled a Boris and both releases have different tracks and running orders… The cassette looks like it’s another copy of H-p1, but it’s actually a different release called The Process with a 20 minute jam on each side - both of which went on to become tracks on H-p1. I have two copies of Oddity II, but one is a tour version limited to 100, so I had to get that.
Will probably get the Gnod collaboration and new album on CD at some point. I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t pick up Oddity III on their 2012 tour.
Oh, and I’m pleased to say that the new 12” Timeless Tracks For Aural Pleasure is fucking sublime. I totally love their long extended instrumental jams.

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